Owned by MSC Ship management Hong Kong. Carried-out extensive steel renewal of all hatch Covers.

MSC Normandie
Owned by MSC Ship management Cyprus. Carried-out major overhauling of cargo carnes.

Sima Bridge
Owned by Sima Tech Shipping Co., Dubai, UAE. Carried out major steel renewal jobs of 50 ton in forepeak and aft peak tanks.

MV Koosh-3
Under Sima Tech management. Carried out steel repairs of all reefer hatch covers including foam injection. Main engine overhauling etc.

MSC Ship Management
Prefabrication and installation of anti piracy guards for all MSC Vessels.

Sima Pride
Owned by Sima Tech Shipping ,Dubai, UAE. Carried out renewal of cell guides on all holds.

Barge Al jawza’a
Owned by Inter Gulf marine. Carried out tank cleaning , blasting & painting.

Tycon-2 /Opal-II
Owned by Gulf Aden Shipping Company. Carried out main sea-chest valve renewal at floating condition. Deformed Hatch cover straightened, aligned as per class requirement.